Have you ever had a question about MONEY?

Like should I rent or buy a home, should I lease or buy a car, how do I buy life insurance, how do I save money for my future, whats a tfsa?

What if you could get answers to these and dozens of other common questions without having to talk to your bank ,co-workers, parents or anyone else that doesn’t actually know what they are talking about or just want to sell you something? And what if that was free to you anytime you wanted?

I'm Kevin Macleod, and I have been a certified financial planner for over 20 years and I have helped thousands of people simplify the complex world of money.

Right now we are recording dozens of videos that will explain and simplify the most common and sometimes uncommon questions that people have about Money and you will be able to view them anytime for free!

Feel free to send me your questions via the button below and you never know , I may make a video about your question! We will also notify you when the videos have been uploaded and available to view!

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